This week, on our daily quests put us in Mono White for the most efficient daily quest grind. I have a lot of the mono white staples, but I refrained from playing full playsets of what you’ve already seen, and limited myself to only a single copy of each rare that I used. Hope you enjoy.

I’m also going to try and change up #MondayMorningMTG a little bit. Instead of shooting from the hip every morning, I’m going to record shortly after getting my three daily quests accumulated, and then I’ll share those quests on Instagram ( so you, the viewer can give your deck ideas based upon what we rolled. Maybe we’ll talk some #mtg news too? A little more effort on my end, some interaction with you, my lovely viewer, and then we can release it on Monday Morning (instead of me recording Monday and releasing in the afternoon.) It can be part of your Monday wake up ritual. 🙂

Fancy YouTube Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:40 Quest Rundown and Decklist
2:40 Match 1 vs Mono Red
9:35 Match 2 vs Temur Sucks And I Hate You
18:40 Match 3 vs Sultai… Something….
22:20 Match 4 vs Umori Surrender
23:32 Overtime: Plans for future videos and bonus match vs Mono Green

This week’s #MTGArena decklist:

4 Healer’s Hawk (GRN) 14
23 Plains (THB) 250
1 Speaker of the Heavens (M21) 38
4 Ajani’s Pridemate (WAR) 4
4 Alseid of Life’s Bounty (THB) 1
1 Dawn of Hope (GRN) 8
2 Daxos, Blessed by the Sun (THB) 9
2 Griffin Aerie (M21) 22
2 Impassioned Orator (RNA) 12
1 Heliod, Sun-Crowned (THB) 18
1 Ajani, Strength of the Pride (M20) 2
1 Aven Gagglemaster (M21) 5
1 Angel of Grace (RNA) 1
1 Baneslayer Angel (M21) 6
4 Conclave Tribunal (GRN) 6
2 Angelic Gift (M20) 5
1 Unbreakable Formation (RNA) 29
2 Banishing Light (THB) 4
2 Angel of Vitality (M20) 4
1 Shatter the Sky (THB) 37


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