Channel Fireball Ultimate Magic Gift Box Unboxing

Happy Holidays! it’s been a while since we did an unboxing. We have a #ChannelFireball Ultimate #mtg Gift Box. Booster Packs going all the way back to Return to Ravnica! Let’s sit back, relax, and crack some packs. Music courtesy of Streambeats by Harris Heller of Alpha Gaming.

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Obligatory Update on the Channel Video

Things have been chaos!

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Temur Flyers | #MondayMorningMTG | MTG Arena Historic

Tim’s Very Bad Not Good Deck: Deck 4 Healer’s Hawk (GRN) 14 4 Forest (ANB) 112 3 Spectral Sailor (M20) 76 2 Island (ANB) 113 2 Roalesk, Apex Hybrid (WAR) 213 7 Plains (ANB) 115 2 Sephara, Sky’s Blade (M20) 36 2 Skycat Sovereign (IKO) 207 2 Watcher of the Spheres (M21) 227 4 Empyrean […]

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Summer Superdrop Secret Lair Opening | MTG Unboxing

Let’s take a look at some potentially overpriced cardboard shall we? We open up “Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel?,” “Full Sleeves: The Tattoo Pack,” “Mountain, Go,” “Ornithological Studies,” and “The Path Not Traveled” drops! One of these drops was definitely NOT worth the price if bought on it’s own. Prices shown are […]

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Historic Boros Knights | #MondayMorningMTG | MTG Arena | Historic Deck

This week, we have to summon and kill creatures in red and white. So Boros fun it is! But it is really? Fun that is. Deck 4 Fervent Champion (ELD) 124 11 Plains (ANB) 115 8 Mountain (ANB) 114 1 Thud (M19) 163 2 Nahiri, Storm of Stone (WAR) 233 1 Colossus Hammer (M20) 223 […]

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Four Color Counters | #MondayMorningMTG | MTG Arena Standard

We were challenged to use three particular cards in for this week’s deck. It’s green heavy and dips into red, black, and white as we have some fun with +1/+1 counters. Follow me on Instagram at to see the daily quests for the next #MondayMorningMTG. Deck 3 Quirion Dryad (M21) 198 2 Swamp (ANB) […]

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