Let’s Play: MTG Arena Jumpstart Event

This past Friday on Twitch we dived into the Jumpstart Event and tried out three combinations. Rainbow Dragons (which was terrible), Chandra Reanimate, and Elves Doctor (not terrible.) Despite the rough (jump)start, the event is actually a lot of fun, and I think they should keep Jumpstart as a permanent event in Magic: the Gathering […]

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Orzhov Control | MTG Arena FNM | Standard Tournament

Yikes! We tried something a little different this week, and took an Orzhov Control deck into our Friday Night Magic tournament. I feel dirty after some of these wins.

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Mono Red Aggro | MTG Arena FNM | Standard Tournament

Well.. our decks designed to have fun haven’t been doing too well the past couple standard tournaments on MTG Arena. Will the gods favor us if we just mono red our way through this Friday Night Magic tournament?

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Golgari Counters | MTG Arena FNM | Standard Tournament

We slap together a quick and janky golgari deck utilizing the ability counter mechanics in Ikoria, and it goes…. about as well as a slapped together janky deck would be expected to do in an Magic: the Gathering Friday Night Magic Standard tournament. What changes would you make to refine this deck to take advantage […]

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5-Color Jegantha with Golos | MTG Arena FNM

The challenge was: to create a deck with Jegantha, the Wellspring as the companion with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and Kenerith, the Returned King as our bombs. We do the best with what we have in our collection.

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MTG Arena Open | Mardu Knights | Day 1

You shouldn’t participate in this event. The entrance cost is stupid, and if you lack gems and gold it costs almost double to compete in real world money to get the gems to play. Also… we all know Standard isn’t great right now, so let’s make the first “everyone can play and earn real prizes” […]

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