Let’s Play: MTG Arena Jumpstart Event

This past Friday on Twitch we dived into the Jumpstart Event and tried out three combinations. Rainbow Dragons (which was terrible), Chandra Reanimate, and Elves Doctor (not terrible.) Despite the rough (jump)start, the event is actually a lot of fun, and I think they should keep Jumpstart as a permanent event in Magic: the Gathering […]

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Mono Blue Tempo | Daily Quest Grind | Monday Morning Magic | MTG Arena Ranked Historic

Not going to lie… I was under prepared for the current Historic Meta, and my morning brain was in full effect, as usual. You’ll likely have better luck with the deck below. I certainly recommend upping the Sea-Dasher Octopus to a full playset if you can. Because we didn’t draw it once. I played another […]

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Mono Black Aggro | MTG Arena

Oof oof owie. We do some dirty netdecking and take a Mono Black meta deck into the ranked ladder. I’m Diamond Tier right now, and made a lot of pre-coffee misplays. However, immediately after recording, while this video was rendering I hit a four win streak and clawed my way into Diamond 2.

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Core 2021 Collector Box Opening | MTG Unboxing | Magic: the Gathering Booster Box

Hold on to your commonfoil hats, friends. We are opening a Collectors Box of M21. There’s quite a bit of value in some of these packs. There’s also a criminal amount of low value compared to the retail cost of an individual pack. In my honest opinion, you should NEVER buy these collectors packs individually […]

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Izzet Draw Two | Daily Quest Grind | Monday Morning Magic | MTG Arena

Good morning, and welcome to another week of MTG Arena goodness! This week on Monday Morning Magic we are grinding our dailies (is that a euphemism?) by playing some low cost spells to spawn fairies for the win. The decklist I use for the last couple matches is below, but I’d recommend getting rid of […]

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Core 2021 Bundle Opening | MTG Unboxing | Magic: the Gathering

Cracking open packs of paper cards is so much more relaxing and rewarding than trying to grind the Ranked Ladder in MTG Arena. Prices shown are Market Price from TCG Player as of July 8th.

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