Esper Flyers | Daily Quest Grind | MTG Arena

I think this deck has potential, but it’s definitely not optimized. As a small MTG Arena YouTuber my wildcards are a precious commodity so I have to spend them wisely. 🙂 If you were to craft an esper flyers deck, what would you put in?

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Unboxing Core 2021 Pre-Release Kit and More

It’s fun to crack open packs again after being in a mostly digital year of Magic: The Gathering confined to MTG Arena. We are opening up a Chandra Signature Spellbook, a Core 2021 Pre-Release Kit and two Promo Packs: one Core 2021 and one Ikoria. Hope you enjoy almost as much as I do.

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Orzhov Control | MTG Arena FNM | Standard Tournament

Yikes! We tried something a little different this week, and took an Orzhov Control deck into our Friday Night Magic tournament. I feel dirty after some of these wins.

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Orzhov Cats | Daily Quest Grind | Monday Morning Magic | MTG Arena

We slapped together an Orzhov Cat Tribal deck in the current Ikoria Standard season to get that sweet, sweet MTG gold. This deck is like a wet hairball. Sloppy, and not fun to play with.

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Mono Red Aggro | MTG Arena FNM | Standard Tournament

Well.. our decks designed to have fun haven’t been doing too well the past couple standard tournaments on MTG Arena. Will the gods favor us if we just mono red our way through this Friday Night Magic tournament?

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Azorious Flyer Aggro | Daily Quest Grind | Monday Morning Magic | MTG Arena

This week we hit them in the air with some Azorius Flyers in the Ikoria Standard Meta!

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